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Jimmy Seear

Jimmy Seear is one of the most animated athletes on the course anywhere.   His smile and crazy hair infectious and from the moment you meet him you know he is enjoying every minute of his decision to go for it.    Having been bred into the Australian Olympic Team training at an early age he is excited to enter the world of non drafting, long distance racing. Out of the gates in 2012 he familiarized himself with a time trial bike with responsive results, finishing top 10 in all his events.   In 2013 we will see Jimmy compete at the a full schedule of high profile non drafting events.   Jimmy is strong in all 3 sports and keen to continue grab as much racing and experience as he can while living in Boulder Colorado.  Jimmy is joined with his sister Maxine, 2004 Australian Triathlon Olympian and both are excited to be racing and training in the US.  A dream for both of them for many years.

Race Highlights

  • 2nd Place World Championships Gold Coast Australia
  • Winner Hamilton Island Triathlon
  • 10 place Race to the Toyota cup presented by Lifetime Fitness 2012
  •  2nd Place Liverpool 5150