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Luke Bell

A perennial podium finisher over the last ten years, Luke Bell is one of Triathlon’s most respected athletes and one of the most likable guys on the circuit.  Known as cool hand Luke for his laidback style and approach to racing he rocked the world with a 5th place finish at the 2003 Ironman World Championships at age 24.  But don’t let his cool approach fool you.  He is a tough competitor and excels in all 3 sports.  He has no weakness.     He can swim, run and bike with anyone in the sport. In a sport where even the greatest athletes like Mark Allen, Greg Welch and Heather Fuhr each failed 7 times before winning Ironman Hawaii, Luke was tested by the race for a few years that followed with back luck with equipment and a torn knee.  Luke Bell wants an Ironman Victory.  With multiple 70.3 victories under his belt, numerous Ironman podium finishes and 2 top 10 finished at the Ironman World Championships, LUKE BELL has his eyes on Hawaii.  In a sport where character matters, cool hand Luke has persevered and built a reputation of making it happen when it counts.  The time is now.  

Career Highlights

  • 2013 Ironman North American Champion
  • 10 Time Winner Ironman 70.3 Races 2006-2012
  • 5th Place 2003 Ironman World Championships
  • 2nd Place 2007 Ironman New Zealand
  • 2nd Place 2006 Ironman Brazil
  • 2nd Place 2005 Ironman Australia
  • 2nd Place 2004 Ironman USA Championships
  • 2nd Place 2004 Ironman California
  • 3rd Place 2003 Ironman Australia
  • 3rd Place 2005 Ironman Half Florida
  • Winner  2011 70.3 Hawaii
  • Winner 2010 70.3 Cancun
  • Winner 2009 70.3 Kansas
  • Winner 2005 Australian Half Ironman Series
  • Winner 2003 Vineman Triathlon
  • 2-Time Winner 2003 & 2005 Eagleman Triathlon
  • Winner 2008 Spirit of Racine Half 70.3





Date of Birth
April 21

Place of Birth
Melbourne Australia

Place of Residence
Melbourne and San Diego

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